Oshkosh Wisc 2003

Going to Air Venture

At Oshkosh, WI

Trying to decide if we can get through the pass east of Driggs
Sunday morning we got up early and had breakfast at the airport. It was a beautiful morning with low clouds hovering around the peaks of the Tetons. We spent some time trying to decide where to cross the mountain range. The pass we had planned to fly through which we could have gone through at about 8000 feet was filled with clouds, so we had to climb and go over the top. We topped out at just over 13,000 feet, but stayed up there as short a time as terrain required. The flight was gorgeous with huge billowy clouds. We saw airplanes flying beneath the clouds, through the pass, and had we known the territory, we could have done the same, but hadn’t wanted to get boxed in someplace.
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