Oshkosh Wisc 2003

Going to Air Venture

At Oshkosh, WI

Driggs Idaho. A very nice airport just west of the Tetons
After a lifetime of planning, my wife and I left home on July 26, 2003, from the Nampa airport, headed for AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. We flew to Driggs, on the east side of Idaho, right up against the Teton Mountains, which took us 2.6 hours. Originally we had planned to leave Saturday afternoon, but because the weather forecast was for rain in the afternoon, we decided to leave ahead of it and left in the morning. While we ate our lunch at the restaurant in the terminal, we watched a glider flying the thermals coming off the mountain range. It glided for as long as the pilot wished to stay up and then he would come and land at the airport. A pilot waiting to go up next sat and visited with us while we ate. The Driggs airport was our favorite airport on our entire trip. We stayed at the cozy family-run Pines Motel. The owner, who is also a pilot, was kind enough to pick us up and return us to the terminal. We spent the afternoon and evening wandering around the small town, getting acquainted with the area, and getting rained on in the process. It’s a good thing we changed our plans!
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